7 Some fifteen years ago, in 1959 and 1960, a representative from the Rockefeller Foundation visited Manila to see if his organization could interest a Filipino artist or two to take up printmaking in the United States, and to come back from the apprenticeship to initiate a sort of graphic art movement in the Philippines. The art of the fine print was practically unknown or largely unappreciated as a major form of expression among Filipino artists. The attitude was understandable enough: that was the time when the “Neorealists” and other artists attached to the Philippine Art Gallery were busy consolidating their positions after a breakthrough in painting in the mid-fifties, and they were not in the mood to be distracted by the seductions of a “minor art form.” --Leonidas V. Benesa, The Printmakers, Manila: Department of Public Information, 1975 The Printed World of Pandy Aviado