87 1971 One-man show at Galeria Estudio Cid, Madrid and at Librarie de Colonnes in Tangiers, Morocco. 1972 One-man exhibition at Galeria Daniel in Madrid, at Galeria Atenas in Zaragosa, and at the Luz Gallery. 1973 Works as a printer in Grupo 15 Becomes personal printer of Antonio Lorenzo, leading Spanish printmaker who Aviado regards as a “print wizard.” Aviado studies Gravure (etching using the intaglio process) Taille Douce at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. 1974 Joins the Gravure Contemporaines des Philippines in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. 1975 One-man Amsterdam. show at Galerie Roch Art, Works as a printer in Edition Empreinte, Paris 1976 Returns to the Philippines from European sojourn One-man show at The Luz Gallery. 1978 Joins the Western Pacific Biennial in Australia. With Mike Parsons, opens the Monastery Print Workshop in Baguio. Aviado will run this workshop until it closed in 1991. 1986 Aviado becomes Dean of the College of Music and Fine Arts at the Philippine Women’s University. 1987 One-man show at the CCP Small Gallery. 1988 Receives the Patunubay ng Sining Award for Graphic Awards from the City of Manila during the Araw ng Maynila celebrations. One-man show at the Goethe Institute, then in Quezon City.