95 AQUATINT Porous ground to etch tonal areas into metal. BRAYER A small hand roller used to spread ink on the inking table, or to apply it to the distributing plates or rollers of a press. BURIN An engraver’s tool with an oblique point of tempered steel, used in line engraving. BITE The action of acids or corrosive agents on metal. COBALT DRIER An ingredient added to ink causing it to dry. COLLOGRAPH Plate done by gluing paper on a surface so as it could be printed intaglio way or relief. DOUBLE RUN To run a plate through the press twice in order to get a heavier impression. DRY POINT To scratch the design into the metal or plastic with a steel or diamond point. EMBOSS To produce a design or lettering in relief upon a plane surface, such as paper in printing or engraving, or leather in bookbinding. ENGRAVING To cut the design into the metal, wood or plastic with a graver or burin. ETCHING To etch the design into the metal by the corrosive action of acides ETCHING GROUND Acid resistant coating applied on metal plates. The design is scratched into the ground then etched into the plate. FEATHERING To remove or stir the bubbles produced by the action of nitric acid on the place with a feather, pipe cleaner, or brush. FOUL BITE Accidental etching of an area. INTAGLIO COLOR COMBINATION To overprint several color intaglio plates on the same paper. INTAGLIO PRINT Printing from the grooves or crevices engraved scraped, or etched into the plate. An intaglio is one of