97 SURFACE PRINT The color or printing ink deposited on the surface of the metal plate or wood block and printed by rubbing straight or by rolling pressure. SQUEEGEE Device with rubber plate used to force ink or paint through silk screen. RAG CONTENT PAPER Paper made from material in which there is some quantity of rag. REAM A unit of quantity in paper, usually 500 sheets. SOFT GROUND Hard ground mixed with a greasy substance – Vaseline or tallow. This flexible tacky ground is used to etch the design on the plate with an offset method or for the imprint of any number of textures. UNDERCUTTING The formation of a cavity created by the side-biting tendency of acids. WATERMARK A mark or design produced in some kinds of papers by pressure of the dandy roll in the wet paper during its progress through the paper making machine. WOODENGRAVING Process of cutting designs upon a block of wood leaving the designs in relief for printing. Usually done on end-grain wood. XYLOGRPAHY The art or process of engraving on wood, or of taking impressions from wood engravings. XEROGRAPHY The art of using a dry printing process by electrostatic method.